Impact of Feral Animals

In Australia, feral animals such as foxes and cats have driven many native species to extinction.

The control methods adopted are not targeted which introduce cost overheads and lower returns.

Improving Efficiencies in Camera Trapping

Camera trapping is a widely used tool in agriculture and conservation.

A sizeable cost component of camera trapping is the analysis of the captured image data. The results of this laborious analysis form a basis for on-the-ground decisions.

Our image recognition SaaS platform is used to support decision making in critical conservation projects led by state government agencies.

Using our software platform, agencies are able to analyse their image data in a very short period.

Making Traditional Animal Controls Smarter

Combining this image analysis capability with a bespoke developed IoT device, we have devised a solution to reduce by-catch of incorrect animals.

This way the controls are selective and target only the feral animal.

We would like to hear from ecologists and farmers who are keen to participate in the trials.