About OutofBox Solutions

OutofBox Solutions is an innovative initiative that believes in making technology an enabler in the areas with low tech awareness.

After years of experience in technology solutions including accessibility & assistive technology, we are venturing into AgTech using IoT solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Our solutions will enable farmers increase their productivity using latest technology.

We provide unique perspectives on key technology issues from the end user and community organisations. These insights help our clients get high returns on their efforts invested.

Write to info@outofboxsolutions.com.au to find out how you can employ cost-effective solutions in your farms.

IoT & AgTech

We are making technology an enabler to support fundamental sector like agriculture. IoT will assist many sectors with its flexibility & cost effectiveness.

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Media Coverage

OutofBox Solutions is creating monitoring technology for livestock. Its first product will focus on foot health.

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Why Accessibility?

Digital era is paving new ways to reach your customers around the clock. But there is a large segment of users still struggling to find a convenient channel to reach you.

Inaccessibility of digital channels is an obstacle for over 4 million users with disabilities & aging population who can benefit from digital shop immensely. Accessibility can be achieved by few simple changes to the way digital channels are built. At OutofBox Solutions, we work with our clients to achieve accessibility in a cost-effective manner & provide right framework to ensure its sustainability.

We make technology work for you.