Selective trapping for agriculture and conservation

The image analysis software is available on the edge device that integrates with common controls such as cage traps, baiting stations. Our solution Alfie is designed for remote areas of Australia working closely with farmers, trappers, and ecologists.

The device can selectively deploy controls such as traps, baits and send you an alert. This can save you time, cost, and effort. The device is made for rough terrains and weather conditions and uses the latest technology to allow the solution to work in various regions from Western Australia to Victoria.

The devices are currently in the commercial trial stage and have been extensively tried with bio-security groups and conservation bodies. If you would like to participate in trials, write to us at [email protected]. Please provide details of the location and preferred time of the year for participating in trials.

Selective Controls along with Camera Trapping insights offer an effective solution for teams involved in feral animal control and conservation agencies. This is one of the first use cases and there are many more in the pipeline. We are happy to hear suggestions on how you think Alfie can help you with your farm operations.