Accessibility Solutions

We realize accessibility is one of million things you have to worry about. As an Implementation Partner, we provide you a cost-effective way of carrying out accessibility remediation & integrate it with your existing digital life-cycle process. The whole implementation is aligned to your business priorities & schedule.

Accessibility Remediation: This part focuses on accessibility on your digital presence as-on today. Our specially-abled team works along with us to provide health-check status. While we use industry standards such as WCAG, our remediation effort is driven by end-user feedback. Industry guidelines supported by simple out-of-the-box solutions to ensure all the efforts translate in your digital channels can be used by various user groups.

Accessibility Framework: It is a life-style change. This solution component focuses on sustainability of remediation work carried out.

The framework creates awareness & role-specific responsibilities that will ensure accessibility of the web solution with changes to the people, technologies & project delivery methods.

We can assist with developing right IT solutions for your company.